G’s cushion

Posted on: March 26, 2012


G has made her first attempt at sewing – a cushion. Good place to start you may think, but she chose a difficult fabric – fake fur. Having said that, ensuring that she pinned carefully and stitched slowly, it came together very well indeed. This is how we she did it:

  1. ~ Measured the cushion foam and added 1.5 inches to each side to allow for seams, the cut two pieces
  2. ~ Pinned the zip to one piece, right sides together
  3. ~ Sewed the zip using the zipper foot, with the foot hard up against the zip, and the needle moved over so as not to stitch too near it

Trying to sew the other piece to the zip proved to be too difficult due to the bulk of the fabric, so after opening the zip…

  1. ~ Pinned and sewed the other cushion side to the other side of the zip.
  2. ~ Pinned and sewed the three other sides of the cushion right sides together.
  3. ~ Cut the corners of the cushion off just outside the stitching to reduce bulk

~ Voila! one funky fur fabric cushion!

G then used a bodkin, to gently teased the fur out of the seams to create a better finish. I’m very proud of her efforts.


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