Posted on: September 24, 2012

Bed canopies

in fact, not canapes – totally different thing. We go away to sunnier climes each summer, where my son and I get mithered by moquitoes. I get a bad reaction…swelling and the urge to scratch myself raw. So Ebay offered the opportunity to buy a bed canopy pattern and relief from those pesky varmints…   and so to work.

Having replaced the nets for blinds in my craft room, and given up trying to keep the nets clean in the conservatory, I already had the makings of a start on this project. I also visited Abakhan – well known in the UK for fabrics, both remnants and seconds. My daughter chose a printed net for the opening, and my son opted for a green top to his. I also had a lemon sheet which wouldn’t stay on any bed (!) and so decided to use that too. Next stop kitchen table as hubby  is redecorating my craft room, albeit rather slowly!

Bed canopy

The pattern description makes me think that the

curtains will be long enough to completely cover the

bed,thus keeping out the flying fiends.

First of all the top triangular pieces had to be sewn together. I added the hanging loop when I stitched the final piece in. I also used embroidery thread so that the inside of the canopy was as nice as the outside. In the following photograph to can see the first past finished, ready for the decorative part (bottom of pic.) to be added.

I used some old parts of a lampshade for the support to keep the top part in a circle, which is hidden by the decorative flaps, and sewed it in by hand.  I then measured and cut the net as per the pattern, and sewed the pieces together into one curtain. I also finished off each seam by tucking it under itself and sewing down. Known as a French seam.  This looks much neater when done and helps prevent fraying.

The hardest part – pleating and pinning all the net into place ready for sewing. Yes I know you can do it by drawing a thread through to gather it, but I prefer to do it this way – bit of a control freak!

Once pinned, I had to manoeuvre the canopy through the machine, ensuring I didn’t catch any other parts at the same time! Almost done…

I finished the canopy off by double checking the length and turning up a narrow hem before turning again a 1.5 inch hem. This helps give it weight. There. Done. And now for the next one.

I finished up with three nets, each individual to it’s owner, ready to hang.



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